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Sick of the drama and dysfunction at work? At home? Ready to experience profound changes and starting living and working better right now?

Using the principles of Perceptual IntelligenceTM, Erik helps you immediately discover new ways to profoundly improve things at work and in every part of your life.

See how the course is impacting groups and individual learners.

Lesson Overview

The course includes 19 compelling video lessons, ranging from 10 to 40 minutes, followed by a 117-question certification and the earning of a PIT (Perceptual Intelligence Trained) certification. Total course length is 9 hours for individuals, 15 hours for groups. 

Lesson 1: The Promise

Gives us hope that there’s real, practical power to change the way we work and live. You’ll feel intrigued, inspired, and have identified something important you’d like to change.

Lesson 2: The Power Button

Reveals the deepest power in human nature, along with it’s relationship to every emotion, motivation, and behavior. Helps you start identifying the root of problems and gives you ways to optimize emotion and behavior. 

Lesson 3: Power Shift

Shows how to change emotions, motivations and behaviors faster and easier than you’ve ever imagined, and offers a first look at what Erik describes as the Four Prime Perceptions: views of self and others that profoundly impact the way we work and live.

Lesson 4: Automatic Humility

Reveals the roots of teachability. You’ll get a powerful and authentic desire to listen to diverse points of view, learn from others, work together better, solve problems better and faster, make wiser decisions, and align work teams with decisions.

Plus 15 More Powerful Lessons.

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