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Need a boost? Watch Nick Vujicic, amputee motivational speaker.

Book Excerpt: Automatic Influence: New Power for Change in Work and Life by Erik Van Alstine

The optimist and the pessimist both experience the hard knocks of life. But they see the hard knocks in different ways.

It’s hard to get this into our thick skulls, because we’re all heavily invested in the myth that bad circumstances make for bad lives. So we need to be reminded it’s not that way.

Here’s where amputee motivational speakers are a terrific help.

You heard that right. We need to spend as much time as possible with amputee motivators. People leave their talks transformed, not so much by what is said, but by what is seen: a happy person who the audience thinks shouldn’t be.

It’s been said that the best way to get a career as a motivational speaker is to lose a limb but keep your humor. Why? Because amputee motivators are living myth-busters. Their lives dispel the prevalent illusion that our circumstances are our problem. It’s common to think bad attitudes come from bad circumstances. But they don’t. Bad attitudes come from the way we choose to see our circumstances. These motivators prove that people can go through terrible things and keep their joy.

Consider Nick Vujicic, the most inspiring motivational speaker I’ve ever seen. Nick is an amputee motivator and bestselling author who takes the illustrated message to the max because he has neither legs nor arms. He’s just a torso and, if you can believe this, he still pokes fun at himself.

Here’s his promo video:

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