Profound thinking

for powerful results.

Perceptual Intelligence® gives business leaders profound new ways to improve workplace performance and culture.

How? By optimizing the root causes of emotion, motivation, and behavior.

The results are powerful. Constructive changes that are fast, easy, and extensive.

In this video you’ll hear Erik Van Alstine, founder of Perceptual Intelligence®, describe how the company serves organizational leaders.

Clients Served Include:

A powerful new learning opportunity.

In this video you’ll hear Erik Van Alstine, founder of Perceptual Intelligence®, describe how the company helps individuals and work teams.

Here's an introduction to the first course in the Perceptual Intelligence® Series, Automatic Influence, by Erik Van Alstine.

Lesson 1 Video Segment (1:15): This Changes Everything

Profound, Significant Empowerment

Teaches how to optimize emotions, motivations, and behavior.

Optimal Decisions and Alignment

Helps leaders and teams paddle in the best direction.

Transforming Happiness and Morale

Builds happy people who get things done and get better together.

What is Perceptual Intelligence® and how does it help?

Perceptual Intelligence® is a leadership strategy that gets to the root causes of emotions, motivations, and behaviors, helping leaders drive extensive change and culture transformation. Our trainings offer new ways to move people and organizations to their highest in health and productivity. 

Perceptual Intelligence® trainings create profound improvements in organizational culture, including deep empowerment, better decisions and alignment, higher morale, lower turnover, and effective conflict resolution. 

The first step to Perceptual Intelligence® is to understand the nature of perception, to know what perception is and how it works. This includes the way we characterize things and situations, then the way we evaluate them as good and bad. It includes sensory experience, but also imagination and memory. It involves perceptual limits and the “lock and block” effect created by those limits. Finally, it includes views of self, others, situations, and life.

Once we understand the nature of perception, we look at the dynamics of perception, emotion, motivation, and behavior. We learn to identify categories of “See,” “Feel,” and “Act,” and see how these categories automatically influence each other. Instead of hacking the branches in a futile effort to change emotions and behaviors, we strike the root, following the smart change strategy of starting with perception.

Once the foundational ideas are solid, we start optimizing corporate culture and every area of life by embedding four prime perceptions: views of self and others that improve the way we work in organizations and live our lives. Changes that seemed almost impossible before we understood this power are now profoundly easier

Perceptual Intelligence® Courses and Content

There are currently four offerings in the Perceptual Intelligence Series. Each offering is a book, digital course, and live training. 

Each content is not only a book and digital course, but also part of a complete blended coaching and training solution, designed with your specific needs in mind. Each of the courses stand alone and teach leadership insights on the foundation of the Perceptual Intelligence® leadership strategy. 

To find out more about each, click here.

The Workplace Challenge

Worker Dysfunction

The average worker experiences 2.5 hours of drama (dysfunctional thinking and relating) every day.

Manager Dysfunction

Seven out of every ten workers would rather have a new boss than more pay.


Seven out of ten workers think about quitting every single day.

Perceptual Intelligence® offers a unique and powerful way to meet these challenges. Morale goes up. Turnover goes down. People get along and get ahead. There’s more truth, more learning, and more cooperation. More power to be effective than ever before.

The First Book and Course in the Perceptual Intelligence® Series

Life-Changing Results in a Recent Event

Here are testimonials from a recent Automatic Influence training.

In twenty years working as an HR executive in the largest companies in the world, I've never seen something that moves the needle like this.

Let’s get started. Contact us to see how your organization can “move the needle” with Perceptual Intelligence®.

The First Book and Course in the Perceptual Intelligence® Series

Automatic Influence Course Sample Videos

Here are a few more video segments from the 9-hour, 19-lesson course. 

Lesson 4 Video Segment (2:11): A Huge Boost in Performance

Lesson 1 Video Segment (1:31): The Greatest Opportunity for Improvement

Lesson 13 Video Segment (4:25): Full Power and Responsibility

Praise for the first book and digital course in the Perceptual Intelligence® Series, Automatic Influence.

Why is change so hard? How do we influence others without harsh tactics or manipulation? Are there better ways to change that truly last? Erik Van Alstine’s revolutionary book, Automatic Influence: New Power for Change in Work and Life, answers these questions in simple and fascinating style, supported by leading-edge science and a compelling new view of perception, emotion, motivation, and behavior Erik describes as Perceptual Intelligence®. Automatic Influence reveals a profound power source in human nature, like a red button in the basement of the mind, that energizes every emotion, drives every decision, and activates every action. When we try to change without triggering this power, change is hard. We grit our teeth, gut it out, lose steam, and give up. But when we switch on this power, change is easier. Profoundly easier.
“In Automatic Influence, Erik Van Alstine explores the importance of perception, and the power it has to unlock our potential, to change ourselves, and influence others. True to the principles expressed here, Erik has done a great service in opening up the possibilities for positive change, spiritual growth, and social development.”
—Robert A. Sirico
President, Acton Institute
“Throughout my life, I’ve had to face my fears to reach the next level. In Automatic Influence, Erik offers a plan to eliminate every useless fear, showing readers where fear comes from and how to beat it. These principles are rock solid and will definitely help you win in life.”
—Tim Brown
Heisman Trophy winner, Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, and Author, The Making of a Man
Automatic Influence reveals the roots of intrinsic motivation and offers practical tools to serve each member of your organization. It uses influence, not for manipulation, but for the good of others on the basis of relationship instead of surface tactics. You and your team need this book and training.”
—Jeff Rogers
Chairman and CEO, OneAccord
“Erik Van Alstine's Automatic Influence is both thought-provoking and brilliant. As a professional corporate trainer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the industry's most respected experts on leadership, and Erik's training has more inspired and practical advice on being an effective yet compassionate leader than I’ve seen anywhere else.”
—Kevin Hopkins
White House Senior Policy Analyst and Author, Opportunity 2000
Automatic Influence deserves an automatic addition to every leaders’ reading and training list. Erik gives practical insights and tools to re-frame issues so our people will get it, and take action – automatically. You can’t afford to miss this!”
—Jim Brown
Consultant, and Author, The Imperfect Board Member
“Something amazing happens when leaders are introduced to Automatic Influence: In no time, they understand how to eliminate barriers to corporate change, including chronic ones. Automatic Influence has the power to transform training – and lots of lives.”
—Robert Rosenthal
Founder, Contenteurs, and Author, Optimarketing

The most profound, impacting leadership training I've ever experienced.

Contact us and we’ll help you make profound positive changes in your organization, using the principles of Perceptual Intelligence®.