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Automatic Influence: New Power for Change in Work and Life

This 19-lesson 9-hour course shows how perception automatically influences emotion, motivation, and behavior, introduces the concept of Perceptual Intelligence, and reveals the Four Prime Perceptions for peak performance.


Radically Receptive: How to Love Feedback and Learn from Everyone

Love feedback? Learn from everyone? Sounds impossible. But using Erik's principles of Perceptual Intelligence, giving and receiving feedback is not only possible, but easier than we think.

All of Erik's courses teach a smarter, perceptually intelligent way to lead change.

All of Erik’s courses are rooted in Perceptual IntelligenceTM, meaning, they encourage changes in emotions, motivations and behaviors by changing the root-level perceptions that drive them. This means no matter what area of emotional, motivational, or behavioral change we seek, we know we’re striking at the root of the problem, getting to the heart of it, instead of hacking branches at the surface.

Profound, Significant Empowerment

Teaches how to optimize emotions, motivations, and behavior.

Optimal Decisions and Alignment

Helps leaders and teams paddle in the best direction.

Transforming Happiness and Morale

Builds happy people who get things done and get better together.

What is Perceptual IntelligenceTM and How Does it Help?

Perceptual IntelligenceTM training creates profound improvements in organizational culture, including deep empowerment, better decisions and alignment, higher morale and lower turnover, effective conflict resolution, and a hundred unexpected things. It’s a root-level solution to serious people problems, a way to move people and organizations to their highest in health and productivity.
The first step to Perceptual IntelligenceTM is to understand the nature of perception, to know what perception is and how it works. This includes the way we characterize things and situations, then the way we evaluate them as good and bad. It includes sensory experience, but also imagination and memory. It involves perceptual limits and the “lock and block” effect created by those limits. Finally, it includes views of self, others, situations, and life.
Once we understand the nature of perception, we look at the dynamics of perception, emotion, motivation, and behavior. We learn to identify categories of “See,” “Feel,” and “Act,” and see how these categories automatically influence each other. Instead of hacking the branches in a futile effort to change emotions and behaviors, we strike the root, following the smart change strategy of starting with perception.

Once the foundational ideas are solid, we start optimizing corporate culture and every area of life by embedding four prime perceptions: views of self and others that improve the way we work in organizations and live our lives. Changes that seemed almost impossible before we understood this power are now profoundly easier

Erik's teaching is helping me do things in my organization that seemed impossible before. I've been leading the same company almost two decades, frustrated with things in the culture, people problems I thought could never be fixed. Then boom, this training changed everything. If you want to change things, you and your team need to start learning this stuff right away.

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Erik's Automatic Influence course blew my mind and changed me forever. I feel like I'm so transformed, there's so much good ahead, but feeling regret I didn't learn this sooner, as a parent, a spouse, a leader. If I were you I'd drop everything and get this profound learning into your mind and heart ASAP.