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Perceptual Intelligence® isn’t just about empowering work teams. It’s also about empowering executive coaches. Let us show you how to multiply your client engagements, accelerate and broaden your impact, and transform your business.

Featured Video for Executive Coaches (Part 1): Working with Perceptual Intelligence®

Top executive coaches are saying...

"...a massive opportunity for leaders to improve their effectiveness."

Tim Rowe, Tim Rowe Consulting, LLC

"It's the most powerful tool I've found for training my clients."

David Feld, Executive Coach, Lance Tanaka Group

"The content was exciting and I'm really starting to see how to get to the root causes."

Michelle Caron, Executive Coach

Featured Video for Executive Coaches (Part 2): Working with Perceptual Intelligence®

Here's what most executive coaches want.

Optimal Impact

Executive coaching is about impact.

The nagging question is, “Am I making all the impact I can make?” 

Solid Credibility

Impact means credibility. Coaches who build a reputation for making a difference will find more opportunity to serve. 

Abundant Work

Most coaches love coaching, not sales and marketing. 

The nagging question is, “How do I get more work?”

Perceptual Intelligence® can help.

Perceptual Intelligence® is a leadership strategy that works hand-in-hand with executive coaching. 

Perceptual Intelligence® offers profound opportunities to improve leadership skill, team performance, and organizational culture. Which means profound opportunity for executive coaches to make optimal impact, build solid credibility, and do abundant work. 

Digital Course Video Sample

Here’s a sample teaching from the first book and course in the Perceptual Intelligence® Series, titled, Automatic Influence.

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