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Building a High-Performance Work Culture with Perceptual Intelligence®

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Perceptual Intelligence® fixes root causes in leader performance and culture, which means new opportunities for rapid and sustained transformation. Leaders no longer need to wait years to transform their teams and their organizational culture. There’s a new and better way to get results, now.

The RapidCultureTM development process works in two phases.

Phase 1: Literacy

In this phase, work teams follow a discussion group format to get literate in the principles and practices of Perceptual Intelligence® and start putting them to work. The breakthroughs are immediate and effective.

Phase 2: Mastery

In this phase, work teams get extensive reinforcement and application, so they can use Perceptual Intelligence® to solve key business problems and capture opportunities.

The Phase 1 Discussion Group Implementation

This interactive Gannt chart shows all the steps to complete Phase 1 (Literacy) in an intact work team of 4-10 people.

Group Prep

In this 2-3 week phase of the project, we help make sure learners are ready and willing to learn.

Group Study

In this 8-10 week phase of the project, we work alongside you to support self-study and group participation.


We help you create awareness of the discussion group opportunity and build buy-in, using these two sets of videos:

Enroll Group

Our team does all the enrollments so your group is ready to study after the Kickoff Meeting.

Discussion Group Implementation

This chart shows the steps and timelines for leading a successful discussion group.

Our team works with you to take all the steps in the right ways and times. 

Kickoff Meeting

Our trained facilitators will run this 30-minute meeting alongside you. Every detail will be covered.

Self-Study & Discussion

After the kickoff meeting, participants will be instructed to self-study in the digital course, about an hour a week.

Then the group will attend a one-hour virtual meeting with our trained facilitator to discuss and apply the learning.

The group will repeat this self-study and discussion for about 8 weeks.

Certification Celebration

After the 8 weeks are complete, we suggest all participants celebrate their learning and certification in a virtual or live event.

Group Prep and Kickoff Meeting

Phase 1 (Literacy) begins with a virtual kickoff event to explain how the learning process works, what it will do for them, and what it will do for the work team. Prior to and during the event, participants identify several strategic ways to reap measurable benefits from Perceptual Intelligence®.

Weekly Self-Study, Team Discussions, and Coaching

After the kickoff event, participants begin the intensive transformation phase as a combination of self-study in our digital courses, team discussions, and one-on-one calls with our certified coaches. The goal of this two-month process is to understand the concepts of Perceptual Intelligence® and get quick wins.

Phase 2 Mastery

Immediately after the intensive phase, each intact team starts a weekly reinforcement program as a ten-minute discussion in regular team meetings. Week by week, teams cement in the learning and put it to work, solving specific business problems in real time. 

The self-study continues as well. Participants use our reinforcement tools to deepen their understanding and push toward mastery. 

Repeat from Team to Team

Once a department or an executive team has started the process, we recommend other departments and teams start the same process. The goal is to create a critical mass of application within an organization that transforms the culture. 

Profound, Significant Empowerment

Teaches how to optimize emotions, motivations, and behavior.

Optimal Decisions and Alignment

Helps leaders and teams paddle in the best direction.

Transforming Happiness and Morale

Builds happy people who get things done and get better together.

What is Perceptual Intelligence® and How Does It Help?

Perceptual Intelligence® creates profound improvements in organizational culture, including deep empowerment, better decisions and alignment, higher morale and lower turnover, effective conflict resolution, and a hundred unexpected things. It’s a root-level solution to serious people problems, a way to move people and organizations to their highest in health and productivity.

The first step to Perceptual Intelligence® is to understand the nature of perception, to know what perception is and how it works. This includes the way we characterize things and situations, then the way we evaluate them as good and bad. It includes sensory experience, but also imagination and memory. It involves perceptual limits and the “lock and block” effect created by those limits. Finally, it includes views of self, others, situations, and life.
Once we understand the nature of perception, we look at the dynamics of perception, emotion, motivation, and behavior. We learn to identify categories of “See,” “Feel,” and “Act,” and see how these categories automatically influence each other. Instead of hacking the branches in a futile effort to change emotions and behaviors, we strike the root, following the smart change strategy of starting with perception.

Once the foundational ideas are solid, we start optimizing corporate culture and every area of life by embedding four prime perceptions: views of self and others that improve the way we work in organizations and live our lives. Changes that seemed almost impossible before we understood this power are now profoundly easier

The power of organizational health.

Here’s a video segment from the first course in the Perceptual Intelligence® Series (titled Automatic Influence), on the power of organizational health. 

In twenty years working as an HR executive in the largest companies in the world, I've never seen something that moves the needle like this.

Transform your organization with our network of executive coaching, training, and consulting partners. They’ll work hand in hand with you, your leaders, and your staff, to train each employee, team, and division in the power of Perceptual Intelligence®, then direct that power to solve important business problems and capture market opportunities.

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