Perceptual Intelligence® Content

Our content offerings help you lead with new clarity and power.

Our four offerings in the Perceptual Intelligence® Series teach a smarter, perceptually intelligent way to lead change.

All of these content offerings are rooted in Perceptual Intelligence®, meaning, they encourage changes in perceptions for fast and extensive changes in emotions, motivations and behaviors.

Automatic Influence is the first book and digital course in the Perceptual Intelligence® Series.

Automatic Influence shows how perception “automatically influences” emotion and behavior, then teaches the Four Prime Perceptions that optimize leadership and business culture.

Radically Receptive: How to Love Feedback and Learn from Everyone

Radically Receptive is the second book and digital course in the Perceptual Intelligence® Series.

Radically Receptive reveals the five categories of threat perceptions that drive the defensive response to feedback, how to eliminate them, and how to build a radically effective organizational culture.

The Motivation Equation: A Formula for Change in a Challenging World

The Motivation Equation is the third book and digital course in the Perceptual Intelligence® Series.

The Motivation Equation reveals motivation as a function of the way we perceive good, bad, time, and chance, showing us how to improve our constructive motivation while reducing our destructive motivation. The goal is to be highly effective at work and in life.  

Perceptual Intelligence: The Science of Mental Strength for a Highly Constructive Life

Perceptual Intelligence is the fourth book and digital course in the Perceptual Intelligence® Series.

Perceptual Intelligence offers a deep and comprehensive dive into the nature of perceptual intelligence, along with a transformation strategy that learners can use for lifelong improvement.

What is Perceptual Intelligence® and How Does it Help?

Perceptual Intelligence® is a leadership strategy that cures dysfunction and develops highly productive qualities in people by fixing root causes.

Our innovative content, along with our practical implementation process, RapidCultureTM, has unique power to move people and organizations to their highest in health and productivity.

The first step to Perceptual Intelligence® is to understand the nature of perception, to know what perception is and how it works. This includes the way we characterize things and situations, then the way we evaluate them as good and bad. It includes sensory experience, but also imagination and memory. It involves perceptual limits and the “lock and block” effect created by those limits. Finally, it includes views of self, others, situations, and life.
Once we understand the nature of perception, we look at the dynamics of perception, emotion, motivation, and behavior. We learn to identify categories of “See,” “Feel,” and “Act,” and see how these categories automatically influence each other. Instead of hacking the branches in a futile effort to change emotions and behaviors, we strike the root, following the smart change strategy of starting with perception.

Once the foundational ideas are solid, we start optimizing corporate culture and every area of life by embedding four prime perceptions: views of self and others that improve the way we work in organizations and live our lives. Changes that seemed almost impossible before we understood this power are now profoundly easier

Perceptual Intelligence® is helping me do things in my organization that seemed impossible before. I've been leading the same company almost two decades, frustrated with things I thought could never be fixed. Then boom, this changed everything.

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